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The Institute of New Technologies is an organisation supporting the ‘Lodz as the City of New Technologies’ promotion campaign. The aim of it is indication special features of Lodz as a city convenient for investments in the area of new technologies. As a creative organisation inspiring to any kind of business activity it does not only pay a particular attention to promotion of investments and gaining new investors but, moreover, supports small and medium enterprises in promoting their innovative products and services.


What is distinctive about the INT is its specialisation in innovation and new technologies and also pointing out an importance of the above in the company’s position in the market. The INT aspires to create a wide range of services in area of innovation and new technologies which would, simultaneously, support the Small and Medium Enterprise sector in searching for and creating innovative activities. Activities, as such, are possible as the Institute itself is a platform of cooperation between different environments in the city. Its members are business, media, education and science people as well as students.


A solemn gala, whose host was the Institute of New Technologies, took place in Palac Poznanskiego in 19th may 2005. It closed the last part of the ‘Leader in of New Technologies’ competition. The competition had been organised by the Institute, which, by supporting entrepreneurship and promoting Lodz as a city of new technologies, wants to add to enterprises being more active and help them to be even more competitive. The main aim of the competition was to distinct and award companies, and their directors, which use new technologies and innovative solutions in the area of their activity, including management. Another criterion was obeying the rules of ethics in business. Competitors were fighting for the title of the ‘Leader in New Technologies’ in three categories: for small, medium and large enterprises. To be won was also a President of City of Lodz Statue and media-promotional package.

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