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For our client, we prepared a proprietary solution – supporting the operation of the SAP WM warehouse and using mobile devices with barcode/QR code scanner function. Our idea is based on the use of GSM communication (of course, properly encrypted and secured), which means that no wi-fi infrastructure in the destination / warehouse is necessary. This definitely reduces the costs of implementing mobile devices. In our solution you only need a SIM card that supports Internet connection.

On a mobile device manager by Android, a special application is launched, in which the warehouse operations are performed: goods receipts, goods issues, transfer postings and inventory. In the next step, data is aggregated in the intermediate system and then sent to the SAP system.

The warehouse processes are supported by the possibility of operating the application from both a mobile device and a PC, where we can monitor the current status of performed operations, optionally make minor adjustments.

Example description of the inventory process:

  1. Generation of inventory sheets – SAP
  2. Assigning inventory sheets to inventory groups – WebApp in browser
  3. Directory by nature – WebApp in browser / no need to print documents
  4. Inventorys analysis / possible quantitative corrections – WebApp in browser
  5. Sending completed inventory sheets to SAP – interface
  6. Final quantity correction – SAP
  7. Inventory and stock update – SAP
  8. Inventory protocol – WebApp in browser

SAP solutions

If your organisation does not fit to the standard SAP solutions and the cost of reorganisation makes you fill dizzy, why not try our service!

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