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Company 5PRO Partners, experience, reliability and close cooperation with customers.

Our primary asset is the 15 years of experience in building and implementing Integrated Systems Business Management, based mainly on systems from SAP AG.

Thanks to the experience we have been gaining continuously since 1995, our staff can assist you in choosing the best solutions tailored to the profile and the functioning of your business. The experience gained in corporations and medium-sized companies, allow us to effectively matching solutions to the needs of a particular customer.

10 February 2022

At the request of one of our clients, we have implemented an innovative SAP cockpit for managing the fixed assets management process.

Our solution allows operators to submit applications, configure any application approval path in the form of simple tables, as well as reject and correct applications. Additionally, our users have the ability to add the attachments to their requests. (more…)

05 May 2021

We have implemented an integration in the field of quality control of pharmaceutical products.

The integration was between the SAP system and an external tool that allows for quality control of manufactured products and semi-finished products. (more…)

30 March 2021

Responding to the needs of our clients, we implemented the Microsoft 365 platform in their organization.

Every day, many companies around the world use all kinds of cloud solutions. This creates enormous opportunities, especially in the field of fast and trouble-free communication inside the company and outside it’s structures. Microsoft 365 is the one of the best platforms which provides many constantly updated and adapted to the current standards products and services operating locally and in the cloud.

29 December 2020

For our client, we prepared a proprietary solution – supporting the operation of the SAP WM warehouse and using mobile devices with barcode/QR code scanner function. Our idea is based on the use of GSM communication (of course, properly encrypted and secured), which means that no wi-fi infrastructure in the destination / warehouse is necessary. This definitely reduces the costs of implementing mobile devices. In our solution you only need a SIM card that supports Internet connection. (more…)

05 March 2019







eDek is an application to create tax declarations and simplify their management.
Its modern and clear structure guarantees fast and easy way to fill in even the most complicated forms. The program will enable our clients to sign huge amount of declarations by only one use of electronic signature. Once filled in forms can be repeatedly corrected or on their base can be created copies and corrections.



SAP solutions

If your organisation does not fit to the standard SAP solutions and the cost of reorganisation makes you fill dizzy, why not try our service!

Business consulting tailored

We analyze and adapt the tools in your company business needs. Our action will give your company a greater profit and growth.